Picture of Tinalah River

Tinalah River

The scenic rocky river along Menoreh foothills of Samigaluh to Kalibawang in Kulon Progo Regency of Yogyakarta.

Tinalah River

The scenic rocky river along Menoreh foothills of Samigaluh to Kalibawang in Kulon Progo Regency of Yogyakarta.

Tinalah River (Kali Tinalah) in my personal experience, it's a beautiful stream. Down the river in the dry season, I can find such a clear water flowing among the river rocks, even I can see small fish swimming among the river rocks. To me, the combination of the clear water, flowing water sounds, river rocks, surrounding paddy fields, blue sky and Menoreh Hills as a backdrop creates a beautiful view. Rainy season at Tinalah River, I should be careful, it can be very dangerous, floods may come suddenly, keep watching the sky over the upstream region. Tinalah is one of the streams where I usually take fishing for palung (hampala barb).

Tinalah is one of the rivers on the island of Java, Indonesia. Precisely in Kulon Progo Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta. The source of the river is on Menoreh hills in Samigaluh region, flows out towards the east passing the foothills, villages and paddy fields from Samigaluh to Kalibawang region. The river flows ends at Progo River. As a part of the watershed system, Tinalah also connected to other streams, it's the home to other streams including Lor and Klegung.

Tinalah also become a name of a village located right on the river in Purwoharjo of Samigaluh. It is "Dewi Tinalah" which is the abbreviation of "Desa Wisata Tinalah", a village that set up for tourism purposes. Desa Wisata Tinalah provides some packages including: camping, outbond, river tubing and homestay.


Life at Tinalah River


  • The Riverbank

    In many areas, the riverside is directly adjacent to the paddy fields, in another area, it's the cliffs and river rocks stret ...

  • Fishing

    Fishing in Tinalah River comes in many ways including angling, nets fishing, fish trapping (using "wuwu", a bamboo basket) an ...

  • It's a Playground

    Many children around Tinalah River make a playground of the river, especially during the dry season. Usually, they are in the ...

  • It's a Highway

    At many points on the river, in the morning the villagers crossing the river to go to their paddy fields, or just to get the ...

  • Bathing and Washing

    Some villagers around the river are comfortable to have a bath and wash in the river for their own reasons, especially during ...

  • It's a River Materials Home

    Tinalah River is rich in river rocks that can be used for building materials. As far as I know during my fishing trips (2017) ...

Tinalah River
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