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There is Always a Beginning for Everything

Then a series of processes will follo...

There is Always a Beginning for Everything

Then a series of processes will follow. It takes effort, time, money, and mistakes occur. I am a self-learned person, often the biggest thing is to learn from the mistakes. I believe things won't happen instantly, at least it's for my life.

I am still so impressed with the first experience of fishing in casting technique on Progo River of Yogyakarta. It's been a while since I imagined to fish in casting technique. I was inspired by a fishing show on TV. It seems so exciting.

It was the end of October 2016, I went down the river to practice casting. I really didn't expect to get a fish strike by the first day. Although it was a "missed strike", but it was enough to make my heart raced. I was so lucky by the second day, got the fish strike again, fish on,  and finally the fish was landed.

I was so surprised to get my topwater lure got strike suddenly.
It was like a "little blast."
It made me blank for seconds, nervous and panic.
My heart raced.
The line was tightened.
Feeling the fish power.
Afraid of the line would break.
Yes! I was wired to a fish! It was a palung (hampala barb).

My First Catch
My First Catch
October 21, 2016 - My first hampala barb. It's about 6 Oz of weight and more than 30 cm of length. The fishing lure is a Sotelo WTD stick bait that also my first factory-made lure.

To me, a kind of person with no fishing experience and "natural ability/gift" to fish, it's so impressive.
Cast, retrieve, twitch, twitch, pause, retrieve and cast again.
It's like to sketch a form on a paper, scratch, scratch again, and finally a shape of the object is formed, or to code a number line of a function, after evaluating some if and else conditions then return true or false.

I am at the age of my forty, and never been fishing so intently, but I am now. So here I am, life takes me to the fishing. I am in a new of a thing, fishing.

There is Always a Beginning for Everything
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