Picture of Tinalah River

Ora Umik-Umik

In my case, often fishing trips catch...

Ora Umik-Umik

In my case, often fishing trips catch no any fish. In my place, a single word to describe the situation is "Boncos" but among my fellow fishing buddies, we say "Ora Umik-Umik" which is the same meaning.

I am not so sure about the expression of "Boncos", is it a Javanese word or Bahasa Indonesia while "Ora Umik-Umik" is an expression in Javanese. In fishing context, both expression points to the same meaning.

January till February 2018 seemed to be my "Ora Umik-Umik" long series on Tinalah River, but the months were to be the "high season" for my fellow fishing buddies.

Attached is the "Ora Umik-Umik" video, though no fish strike scenes, but I hope it still could present the view of the river.

Ora Umik Umik
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