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My Wooden Fishing Lures

In addition to factory-made fishing l...

My Wooden Fishing Lures

In addition to factory-made fishing lures, I also use handmade ones. To me, going with the self-handmade wooden lures has its own feel, it's a kind of the blend of pleasure and satisfaction.

The Background

In the early days of fishing, mostly I used factory-made lures. A Sotelo WTD Stickbait was my first lure which also the beginning of my fishing stories.

I used to have a problem with the fishing knots which resulted in missing lures. I still remember how messed I was, got my first Rapala Skitter Pop lost on a fish strike on Serang River, and the second one thrown off the line on Progo River and also a Shimano WTD stickbait thrown off the line on Sepuri River.

I tried to figure out what was going on, and I found that the problem was the fishing knots. The knots that connect between the braided line and leader line. As I read in fishing articles "do checking knots regularly", to me it's true. I blame myself for being careless or not applying it well. Trying to fix the problem I did more care about the fishing knots. I also thought of making wooden fishing lures by myself. To achieve it, I searched for articles on "How to Make" wooden fishing lures and also learned from factory-made fishing lures that I bought.

The First Experiment

I am happy with my Rapala ultra light minnow, so first of all I tried to copy the body form of the minnow. It might be not a problem for me to make a body form almost alike it, but the problem was how making the proper lure action. I realized that it was not as simple as just copying the body form. I believe that modern fishing lure manufacturing involves many processes, from 3D modelling to end testing, in other words it is well engineered.

So What I Could Do With a Handmade Wooden Lure of Mine

I am not an engineer in the field. Best I could do was to try to figure out the attitudes of the factory-made fishing lures that I bought. I put it in the water, performed position test both including the hooks and without, figured out the head and tail position, watched the movements on retrieving. Finally, made my own conclusion and then tried to apply the attitudes into my wooden fishing lures. That's it.

How's the Progress

May 2017, I performed a test series of my handmade wooden fishing lure (a mini popper) on Tinalah River. Pop... pop... bulb... pop... I was happy with the action and the water splash. To me, it was stable enough.

May 8, 2017, I made it. My heart raced to find the mini popper got a fish strike suddenly, ah... it was a missed strike. But the fish was back to strike again in the next seconds. Yes! Fish On! The fish (a palung/hampala barb) was successfully landed. The top water strike was enough to make my heart race, but to me, that moment was "double" heart race. "Double" because it was a top water strike on my own hand-made wooden fishing lure.

Unfortunately, I could not make a picture of the moment due to my phone power was running out. I wanted to show it to my fellow fishing buddies, so instead of releasing I decided to take the fish home. The fish was more than 1 Kg in weight and around 41 Cm in length, it's the biggest palung (hampala barb) I ever caught on Tinalah River even until I was writing this story.

That moment influenced me with the confidence to make my own next wooden fishing lures.

My First Wooden Fishing Lure that Worked
My First Wooden Fishing Lure that Worked
At the left is my first handmade wooden fishing lure that worked (repainted and the hooks had been changed), at the right is me with the first catch of the lure. It's a palung (hampala barb) in 41 Cm of length and more than 1 Kg in weight.

To Day

The self handmade wooden lure is not just about fishing lure stock, but it's more. To me, going with the self-handmade wooden lures has its own feel, it's a kind of the blend of pleasure and satisfaction. From the process of making to twitch it, even more on fish strike and successfully landed fish. A cup of coffee is worth for it.

The self-handmade wooden fishing lure is not intended to replace the factory-made ones I have. I don't have all of various brands of the factory-made fishing lures existed, but I believe that going with the established brands of it will provide stability of action, more attractive colors as well as the confidence.

The Video

Here's the video of my wooden fishing lure making that is followed by the first catch of it. This video is special for me because the footages were lost because of inaccessible storage device months ago. Fortunately, the Seagate Data Recovery Services did a magic for me, mentioning the service I am not in an affiliate with the company, but I am expressing my personal experience about their good services. The video is not intended to be the "How to" video, but it's a wooden fishing lure in my personal fishing story.

My Wooden Fishing Lures
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