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My Pre-Owned Spinning Reel

About sixteen years ago, I had a pre-...

My Pre-Owned Spinning Reel

About sixteen years ago, I had a pre-owned of the T Series of IBM ThinkPad laptop and enjoyed its performance over the years. Ten days ago, I had a pre-owned of Ultegra Series of Shimano spinning reel and began to enjoy its performance this morning.

To me, Progo River is still too tough, really tough. Though my fishing stories were started on Progo River, I don't have much luck so far. I should learn much about the river. So, in addition to developing fishing techniques, I also develop the insight about the river in general, such as the anatomy, watershed system and other related stuff.

For the tough river, recently I had a pre-owned spinning reel to arm my fishing.

One morning, I went down the river to fish. The water condition was good, it's in "Lemondo" condition. The "Lemondo" is a term to describe the water condition/color which is not so muddy but also not so clear (to me, it's greenish). I managed to catch a hampala barb. Well, I began to enjoy the performance of the spinning reel, and I am happy with my spinning reel. Attached is the video.

My Pre Owned Spinning Reel
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