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Blue Sky Over Progo River

Blue, it's the only word to describe ...

Blue Sky Over Progo River

Blue, it's the only word to describe the sky over the Progo River that morning.

It was my lucky morning on Progo River. Still in the spirit of my pre-owned spinning reel, I managed to land a fish again, still in around the same spot as previous fishing sessions. It was the longest (50 cm) of a palung (hampala barb) I ever caught until the time I was writing this story, also it's the strongest fish power I've ever felt either in Progo, Serang, Sepuri or Tinalah River.

The spot was my case-based learning on the river path in subject of the presence of fish. The clue is "the river fish rely on the current", so I had a spot that rich in "current" keywords. It's situated around the river cut bank where the current was so powerful at the upstream and it's a pool at the downstream.

So, the clue took me to the fish. I cast my popper to the narrow area behind the heavy current. After some cast, it's hooked. Unfortunately, it's hard to unhook the fish, and I was afraid that the fish could not survive so I decided to keep the fish instead of releasing. Attached is the fishing video.

Blue Sky Over Progo River
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