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A Beginning on Tinalah River

A Beginning on Tinalah River

In the early days I started angling in casting technique, I looked for information about the streams suitable for casting close to my base. I got some streams, and one of them is Tinalah, a river situated along Menoreh foothills in Kalibawang to Samigaluh region, Kulon Progo Regency of Yogyakarta.

I am so impressed with Tinalah. It's a clean river. The combination of the clear water, river rocks and Menoreh hills as background create a beautiful scenery.

Senior anglers advised me to fish palung (hampala barb) during the dry season. The dry season in Tinalah, I found fishing nets dominated the stage, at first it made me pessimistic to catch some fish, but I realized that everyone has their own niche. In my case, fish strike rate was very low, in the other words the dry season of 2017 in Tinalah River was hard for me.

The season turned to rainy season, in my case I found that the fish strike rate was high. When it rains, the water becomes muddy, when the water turns clearer, it's the best time to cast my lures.

A part of fishing I am also interested to interact with people I met on the river, mostly they are villagers around the river, friendly and welcome. They are so familiar with the river, I think that the river has been part of their everyday life. I also got lots of advice about fishing from them.

I got an idea to make video about my fishing trips. Using my camera phone, I started learning to make the fishing videos, previously I did not have an idea how making a video. Mostly I go fishing by myself, so I myself take shoots.

Here's my first video. Based on my first video, here's the recomposed video. It's about Tinalah River, basically this video is a slide picture of the river, presenting what I saw during my fishing trip.

A Beginning on Tinalah River
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